Saturday, June 14, 2014

L.A. Style



The first time I danced with Madelyn in a Los Angeles salsa club, she appeared about forty years old.  
I beheld a tall, slender, athletic woman, with cascading raven hair and glowing alabaster skin seemingly lit from within.  She sported mostly hidden tattoos, and her piercing blue eyes looked into and through you at the same time.  Madie barely tolerates male leads, as she prefers choreographed solos to following half-assed leaders who fail to match her skill and experience.  We have become friends over the last several months, and Madie now counts as one of my favorite salsa partners.  She has opened up her story to me, so here it is, as best as I can recount it.

Beginning at the age of eight, Madie experienced sexual abuse at the hands of the family priest.  Her parents trusted Father Alphonso.  They never suspected him of any activity but that expected of a concerned, involved Catholic priest.  He privately told Madie that just as the Virgin Mary submitted to the command of the angel Gabriel, and allowed the Holy Spirit to impregnate her with the Son of God while still an unwed teenager, likewise, as a good Catholic girl, she should submit to his demands for sexual contact.  Later on in life, as she learned of the abhorrence of such behavior in the eyes of God, and that it was not what Jesus had in mind when he said “Suffer the little children to come unto me”,  she became justifiably angry and vowed revenge on men in general, and deviates in particular.

In her twenties, Madie worked in the sex trade.  She found a job as a Dominatrix in a Dungeon in L.A.  Important note: professional dommes DO NOT have sex with miserable worms; they just dominate and humiliate them for money.   

When seeking to buy several hours of a relationship based on BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism), the client is given a list of services and they select what form of humiliation they deserve.  Madie recalled one client fondly.  Steve, a first-timer in his thirties, red-haired, over-weight, and gay, came in and filled out the questionnaire. He chose verbal humiliation alone, with no bondage or physical pain.  Since this occurred early in her career as a domme, Madie lacked confidence in her ability to inflict purely verbal abuse, so she had a talk with one of her older, more experienced co-workers for tips on how to fulfill her client’s needs.   

While Madie donned her costume,  all black leather and zippers and stiletto heels, Sady offered this sage advice: “You know how we talk about clients behind their backs here in the dressing room?”  Madie nodded in agreement.  “Well, talk like that to his face.”  

Properly armed, Mistress Madelyn stalked down the corridor, ducked into the fifth cell on the left, and went to work.