Sunday, February 18, 2018

I remember you

At a dance studio recently, I sat with a lovely salsa partner of mine as we watched her new boyfriend struggle through a beginner’s On2 class with Robbie Sky.  During our conversation, she told me an interesting story.

It seems this young man began pursuing her affections last summer.  After they had gone out on a few dates, she told him he had to learn salsa, because a non-dancing significant other was a deal-breaker.

His replied:  “Whatever it takes” and began lessons.

Later she told him: “I don’t know if we are going to make it as a couple or not; time will tell.  But even if we don’t make it, you’ll always remember me, because I introduced you to salsa.”

Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Recently, while talking with a friend of mine, I told her about an incident that occurred to a lady friend who works at an organ donation non-profit.  The non-profit provides literature and education about the benefits of organ donation, both to the donor and the recipient.  They have a web site that includes an easy way to sign up with the State of Texas for organ donation in the event of death.

Last Monday morning, a young lady of about 19 walked into the office and said:

“I want to know about organ donation.”

All the while, she had her right hand deep in her open purse during the exchange.

(You should know that the whole office had just attended a seminar sponsored by the Travis County Sheriff’s Department entitled “Civilian Response to an Active Shooter”.  You could see why they nervous with this young lady.)

“No, you don’t understand” the girl said.  “I want to donate organs now”, and she pulled her hand out of her purse.

My friend asked: “What’d she have in her purse, a kidney?”