Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Brazilian professor


    The eleven piece Cuban timba band, Timberos del Norte, played at the One2One bar Sunday night.  The sparse crowd included a Brazilian college professor of my recent acquaintance.  She danced samba with Brazilian flair, and enjoyed salsa as a second love.  During the break, the DJ played a cha cha cha.  I asked her to dance, but she said she had last danced cha cha many years ago, and was unsure of herself as a follow.  I told her no worries, all she had to do was look beautiful, and I’d take care of the rest.  She smiled, and took my hand.  We were the only couple on the dance floor.  About half way through the song, she got her cha cha legs back, and we shared a lovely partnership.  I especially loved her cha cha walk.  The song ended, so we returned to our table, high as kites.  As we sat down,  a woman spectator came over to her, spontaneously hugged her, and told her how beautiful she looked while dancing.  The Brazilian beamed, while I nodded in agreement.  

        I believe that out of all the things a woman can do, she is at her most beautiful when dancing cha cha cha.

             Bruce Lee:  1958 Hong Kong    
          Cha Cha Championship Winner.