Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Nordic Goddess

While attending a house salsa party about three months ago, I chatted up Jacqueline, the Nordic Goddess.  With auburn hair, peaches and cream skin, and long dancer's legs, she looked like an
Orange Creamsicle come to life.

She:  What do you do?

me:   I'm a Leisure Consultant.

She:  A what?

me:  Yeah, I coach my clients on how to enjoy life.

My advice:     Step One: Quit your job.  Step Two:  Do what you love.

She:  What if I'm already doing that?

me:  Then you don't need my advice.

Then last week at the Pura Austin salsa social:

She:  Hi!  I just stopped in to tell you goodbye!

me:   Oh?

She:  I booked a one-way flight to Spain today!  I leave next Monday!

me:    How nice.  Let's dance.