Saturday, March 17, 2018

The cat

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A couple of months ago, as I sat in my usual front row seat at the One2One waiting for the timba band to start, a young lady in her early twenties walked past me diagonally on the way to the ladies room.  As she passed, I thought to myself:  “There goes a dancer.”  She walked like a cat.

Later, we danced.  From previous experience, I knew that U.T. dance majors go out on the town, hit random clubs, and dance whatever dance they find there.  She was one of those.  She could do anything I asked of her, flawlessly, the first time.  Amazing. 

As the song ended, I dropped my most difficult move on her, ending in a cuddle, which she followed perfectly, and then blew her out into a triple inside spin.  She returned to me, welcomed a hug with outstretched arms, and then walked into the night, without looking back.  She walked like a cat.