Monday, November 2, 2015

I miss Dallas Night Club

          I miss D.N.C.

            Dallas Night Club closed in September of 2015.  Bill, David, and Tricia hosted salsa on Thursday nights for more than five years.  They built it from scratch, starting with a few hearty souls, of which I was one, into the best night of salsa in Austin.  Spinners loved the smooth wooden dance floor, and the sound system was first rate.  Kathy and Daniel hosted dance instruction during the early years, then Favian and Cynthia took over for several years, and Robbie Sky finished it out.  Many people learned salsa and bachata at DNC, which helped build the dance crowd over the years.  There was a constant procession of DJ’s, so the music varied as the play lists changed.  The variety of Latin music broadened my musical knowledge, which helped my dancing ability to progress.  My salute to you all.

            Now that DNC has been closed for a while, depression has set in.  Thursday nights roll around, and I find myself restless and unfulfilled.  I feel like a girlfriend I really loved gave me the boot.  I used to come home from salsa night with my hands smelling of women and perfume.  No more.  The front row seat I enjoyed for years has gone to the dump, along with my enjoyment of the new friends with which I danced.  Attending the surviving salsa venues in Austin only highlights how good we all had it at DNC.  Change sucks.

DNC:  Come home.  We need you.  We forgive you.


  1. Noooooooooo!The DNC is closed?? As you know, Im no longer in Austin, but the DNC is what I miss about Austin. It's one of the reasons why I moved from San Antonio to Austin, and communited back and forth from San Antonion where I worked at the time. The DNC is where I met my Austin/On2 family.

    Change does suck sometimes. I hope you've been well.


    1. Hi Shane. Nice to hear from you. Yes, DNC is closed. Some scumbag lawyers bought the center, and doubled the rent. The salsa venue has since moved to the Shoal Creek Events Center, on North MoPac, south of 183. It is a very nice venue, and has attracted the same crowd. It is the new place to be on Thursday night. Stop in when you're back in Austin. Robert