Friday, March 3, 2017

God bless salsa

Last Sunday, I heard Timberos del Norte at the One2One bar. The band plays original songs in the Cuban timba style. They are a very energetic band, with lots of horns and a large rhythm section. Two weeks ago, the lead singer, Monica, and her husband traveled to Cuba for a music vacation. They heard multiple live bands, and came home energized with new musical ideas to share with their band mates. Several songs into the set Sunday night, Monica began to play her flute while the band backed her up. After about a minute, she had to stop because she was crying tears of joy brought on by playing the instrument she loves, with the band she loves, in front of an appreciative audience in the town she loves. When she finally composed herself, and resumed her featured part, the entire band levitated, and the crowd went wild.    God bless salsa.

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