Wednesday, May 5, 2010

One finger

While at Ruta Maya on a Sunday night,  Ritmo Tres, my favorite salsa band, blasts out a rhythmic salsa, (I prefer my salsa fresh, not canned) while I dance with Jewels.  The song ended, we chatted, another song began, and we started dancing again.  I listened to the beat, and didn't recognize it.  

I asked Jewels "What is that?"   

She said "Timba" as she began to dance to it.  

Timba requires one extra step over salsa.  I couldn't keep up at first.  Jewels put her left index finger on my right shoulder, precisely where the screw from my reconstructive surgery holds the biceps tendon to the bone.  We had no other point of contact.  She began to move back and forth, and I eventually picked up the step.  We both smiled, and finished the dance.  

The following Tuesday,  I attended my weekly Tai Chi class, taught by Guy Forsyth.  We performed a variety of exercises, under the heading of  Push Hands, wherein we try to feel and follow the movement of our partner using the tiniest, lightest contact possible.  I related the events of Sunday night to Guy, and told him how Jewels was able to teach me the Timba step.  

He put his head back and laughed and said:  "That's just what women want: to push men around with one finger!"

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